The Daily Quest Is A Good Way to Make Wow Gold
    The Daily Quest Is A Good Way to Make Wow Gold
Fri, 04 Mar 2011 11:47:26 GMT Source:WowGoldGroup autor: yangming

Every World of Warcraft player knows that farming wow gold is a difficult thing and it takes many time. This is why we want easy wow gold, and never something we have to grind for hours to get. Daily quests is a nice and non-complicated way to make lots of gold per hour, even as much as 200-300 gold.

Pick your questing area first. Daily quests allow players to earn the two gold and reputation, but to steer clear of spending all your time travelling you really should pick an area for your quests.

There are daily quests in the big cities, on Outlands, Northrend, and the new Cataclysm areas.
Make a route through the daily quests. You'll save lots of time, if you strategy ahead. Instead of just doing a quest here and there, you really should pick a route, and follow it. It pays off to gather quests first, and then complete them in the proper order. Sometimes, you shouldn't turn them in proper away, but wait right up until you pass by again. Just remember to turn in your quests former to the end of the day.

Do only the quests that you discover worthwhile. Let's face it. Some quests requires so long to finish off that you will be better off doing other things. So unless you're doing them to obtain reputation for a faction, you really should skip them. Use a end watch to time yourself, and discover out which quests bring in the most gold at the least quantity of time.

Take your travel time into consideration as well. It will not aid you that a quest only requires five minutes to finish, if it requires you twenty minutes to get there. Ihen you certainly really should rather do another a single that requires a lot more time, but which is within your reach.

Pick the daily quests that promise you other rewards than just gold. Lots of them will give you reputation with numerous factions. However, some can give you other stuff as well, as for example the Argent Tournament dailies, exactly where you end up being able to purchase uncommon pets, which you can sell in the Auction House for plenty of gold.

If you can cross sell those pets towards other faction (horde/alliance), you will make even a lot more gold. You will make easy wow gold, just by choosing the proper route through those daily quests, and 200-300 gold per hour isn't miracle. Good luck!