Daily Quest--A Good Way to Make Wow Gold
    Daily Quest--A Good Way to Make Wow Gold
Thu, 10 Mar 2011 11:22:29 GMT Source:WowGoldGroup autor: yangming

All of us know that World of Warcraft has three expansion and it has come for more than three months.  Once you reach level 85 in WoW, you will probably happen across yourself accomplishing daily quests. Daily quests reward you with faction that permits you to purchase powerful items, enchants and epic mounts from special faction vendors. A secondary benefit to daily quests shall be the fact that they reward you with wow gold. At level 85, you will also receive additional gold instead of the experience you would generate at a decrease level.

Now, it is my perception that getting a pure gold making tactic, there are better methods that you could be using. But if you need to grind faction and tokens, you should take steps to ensure that you are a accomplishing daily quests that will net you some gold too. You should also examine whether you can collect profitable products while you complete the quests. For example, Storm Peaks and Icecrown quests will net you loads of profitable ores as you are questing. Sholozar basin quests are great for skinners because of the large amounts of beasts in the area.

Some of the easiest and speediest daily quests to complete are those for the Oracles in Sholazar Basin and those for the Sons of Hodir in Storm Peaks. They are great sets of quests to do because they could be completed quickly, resulting in higher earnings per hour. Sons of Hodir are doubly useful, because they would be the providers of shoulder enchants in Cataclysm. These start becoming available at Honored reputation. You can also obtain the Ice Mammoth epic ground mount at Revered.

Icecrown dailies can also be quite profitable but could be more time consuming compared to Sons of Hodir and Oracles quests. But they are grouped together nicely so that you don't need to journey very far among them. The better gear you have, the better Icecrown will go too.

Argent Tournament daily quests are also present in Icecrown. You can complete these to work through the Argent Tournament ranks and generate the coveted Crusader Title. This gives you access to unique items, mounts and pets and some achievements for you personally achievement hunters. Remember that you can complete 25 dailies each day, including cooking and fishing dailies, both of that are could be profitable themselves and permit you to produce products that sell well on the auction house, that include high level foods.

I think every body knows the importance of daily quest, so, just make full use it to make more wow gold, thank you! Good luck!

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