Frostweave Cloth Farming--A Good Way to Make Wow Gold
    Frostweave Cloth Farming--A Good Way to Make Wow Gold
Fri, 11 Mar 2011 10:55:16 GMT Source:WowGoldGroup autor: yangming

There is a guide told by one of my friends, i want to share it with all of World of Warcraft lovers. Please read on:
One of my favorite wow gold earning tactics in Cataclysm is Frostweave Cloth Farming. This product is used for leveling up First help and Tailoring professions especially Frostweave. What I like probably the most is that cloth sells very well in auction house. This can be because almost every player amounts up his secondary first help profession.

I travelled across Northrend to discover the best spots to farm. Obviously all of the humanoid and undead mobs in Northrend drop Frostweave, but I tried to discover a place that has high density od mobs to kill and also a good drop rate. I also desired how the respawn fee of the mobs is high, so you do not need to wait a lot to continue farming. Now allow me display you the best types I found:

First Frostweave Cloth farming place I like a lot is in Icecrown. There are a huge amount of undeads from the area close to Ymirheim. Especially from the North West. Why I such as this place for Frosweave Farming is how the mobs just keep coming. So you do not need to move close to a lot. Also their respawn fee is great. From my experience the drop fee is somewhere close to 50% which is awesome.

The subsequent one is in Sholazar Basin. There are tons of undeads close to the Lost Lands. If you look on the map it is mostly a brown area from the eastern component of Sholazar Basin. There are really lots of mobs. The drop fee is somewhere similar towards one in Icecrown, so it is as much as you where to go.

I personally choose the Icecrown. It's because the mobs are a bit higher level, so you have also many green items (possibly even blue) to disenchant. Do not neglect to empty your bags before you go Frostweave Cloth Farming, because you loot also many trash items. And believe me, they are worth to sell.

Anyway, Frostweave Cloth farming may well be definitely one of the means to earn gold in World of Warcraft. But following I got a copy of Gold Secrets, I found out all one other much extra rewarding methods to get tons of gold easily. You just need to know all the tricks. I warmly recommend it to you. If you think this is useful to you, just take actions to make wow gold. Good luck! Thank you!