Notice! Some questions and answers You Should Know of Pandaren
    Notice! Some questions and answers You Should Know of Pandaren
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Recently, there are more and more wow players have the questions about the Pandaren in the World of Warcraft, due to its high popularity all around the world. Today, I’m not going to say the wow gold, I want to tell you something about the questions and answers about it. Hope it will be helpful to you all.

The followings are the issues and answers:

Comprehensive questions:

Q: There are only female pandaren can choose for getting the tiny panadas which have tails in "The mystery in the Panda" betas, however the male ones can’t choose. Will you have some programs to boost some modeling for male panda?

A: The male ones can choose for getting the tiny shape without tail. We want the tail for getting the unique characteristics in the female pandaren.

Q: Are there some other methods of actively playing in inclusion to racing mode, challenge mode?

A: We have no strategy to include challenges and successes in the method goals for the game at present. However, the challenge mode monster injury / existence worth is much higher than that in the hero mode.

Q: Can we steal meal in the terraced rice paddies off the farm game? Or can we help our friends to hold treatment of the farm?

A: No, you just can only see your personal farm.

Q: Will there be added saddle horse with added abilities of horde just like Zug Raptor, DK Ma?

A: The direction of our endeavors is to create equally sides in the camp can get each of the new mounts at present. Even before, it took added time to collect the complete horse.

Q: are likely to be some added thrilling in the next beta?

A: If every little thing goes based on plan, emerald forests and Jade Dragon Temple will sign up for the Beta before this 1 answered.

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This is the end of this article and I do wish it will be useful to you all. Besides, I will keep upgrading the skills and guides of wow gold making and I wish you will pay more attention to this website. Good luck!