No 1. How to Make Higher Level with WOW Gold I
    No 1. How to Make Higher Level with WOW Gold I
Wed, 11 Apr 2012 08:39:15 GMT Source:WowGoldGroup autor: admin

As we all know, leveling from 1 to 80 in the World of Warcraft is not easy at all and it need to takes a very long time. Especially if you don't have any heirloom gear to give you that 10-20% bonus experience. So, I want to tell you some tips of how to level faster in the base of the wow gold you have.

To be honest, the most effective way to power level in WoW is through Refer-a-Friend, also referred to as RAF. With RAF, you can get triple experience with every quest and every mob kill so extended as you as well as your referred friend are grouped together and within 3 levels of each and every other. If you ever want to experience the content, then map out a tactic for questing and level that way with your RaF'd friend. If you ever have previously experienced enough content product and lore to gag a horse, then save up your Warcraft gold and buy dungeon runs.

Levels 1-23

Start with the level one and quest with your friend until you are level 13. This process doesn't take extended at all in any beginning zone. Next, head in to the village and start searching for someone to provide you with runs through the dungeon Deadlines. You can negotiate with any interested avid gamers for the quantity to buy every entire run.

Then, you're level 17-18, head to Stockades (alliance side) or Ragefire Chasm (horde side) and buy dungeon runs there until you are level 23.

One thing to maintain in mind, Blizzard Entertainment has arranged up a lockout for all avid gamers right after 5 dungeon entrances in one hour, so time your runs wisely.

This is the end of this part. The tips I told you are all essential in the game play, you’d better to make the better use of them during your game time. Actually, I will tell you the left tips you need in the second but last part. If you want more information about the wow gold, you can read the other news in this website. Good luck!