Using Warrior Defense 2 T6 To Get Free Resistance 170 In Wow
    Using Warrior Defense 2 T6 To Get Free Resistance 170 In Wow
Thu, 03 May 2012 16:05:32 GMT Source:WowGoldGroup autor: admin

After such a long time, have you found some ways to get the free resistance 170? If you haven't get that, I'd like to show you some ways to have it.

Two pieces of the warrior T6 TANK attribute is "command roars life up to 170 bonus point", and have just brush LZ HS 2 things out. Mount later found from 585 endurance into a roar bonus 755 stamina

It is not ascension at 170 hit, while to promote the 170 points endurance! PVE also just, PVP but equivalent to the extra 3 star endurance to gem! And still can enjoy the whole wood have!

My normally have to roar PVP is 8204 endurance, change T6 yelled at and in back is 8317 points endurance. Play JJC good friends is also the extra 755 points of endurance.

The method is also very simple, command before mount roar, the roar of the wear what equipment is what what equipment, T6 take off the effect not disappear.

Master this to help you play the game better. Just do it please, if you want to know more about that, please visit to our site and we will show you the latest news.