The Summary of 5.0 Accounts System in World of Warcraft
    The Summary of 5.0 Accounts System in World of Warcraft
Sat, 05 May 2012 10:50:02 GMT Source:WowGoldGroup autor: admin

Instead of the news and article about the wow gold making, today I would like to share a summary from me about the achievements system in World of Warcraft and I wish you can gain some useful information in this article.

Since the sharing the achievements / pet / mount systems is still in beta, the FAQ of new Achievement System on the March 5th still have no explanation of corresponding achievement sharing system. There are many kinds of predictions about the system on the forums of foreign severs. But at the present, the more consistent understanding is that all the achievements / pets/ mounts of your characters also belong to your accounts'.

However, a character with level 1 can not gain the achievement of level 85. That is to say that only when your character meets the requirements of the achievements, you are able to gain these achievements. For example, a new character which is only level 1 can finish the achievement which is called

World Explorer. So, if this achievement has been listed in your account achievements, the achievements list of your new characters also will have the achievement.

Players care most about some rare kinds of achievements such as the fifth elements, the first kill of server and the first occupation and profession of level XX as well as the PVP title in the 60s. Here it comes that there is still no unified conclusion whether the titles can be shared at the moment. The official still has no introduction so it is hard to say whether they can be shared.

World of Warcraft is really an excellent game and it owns many kinds of players all around the world. I do think it is necessary for you to hold the enough wow gold after my talk with many old and experienced wow players. Hope you have a nice time and good luck!