The wizard's fury "bulk buying world of warcraft point card
    The wizard's fury "bulk buying world of warcraft point card
Tue, 11 Sep 2012 10:46:09 GMT Source:WowGoldGroup autor: admin

After about frame incident, recently the wrath of the wizard of PengCheng and executives in micro blog leaks, says play the wizard's fury "will send world of warcraft benefits, invite world of warcraft players experience the wrath of the wizard, and exposure of a large number of world of warcraft point card, causing the net friend of hot debate. Have player says wizard wrath by the name of warcraft propaganda, also have players that attract can attract warcraft loyal. Still need to see the game itself quality.

It is reported, the giant network Vice President PengCheng in micro Bo said, the wrath of the wizard "was called the most like the world of warcraft online, in state file open a week, many former warcraft players to carry a lot of opinion. Have glory, also have to scold than warcraft said, thanks PengCheng each player's call a spade a spade. And, with Russia to developers decided to invite enthusiastic warcraft players to help test wizard, and will send out a large number of rich gifts.

In the micro blog there appear a large number of world of warcraft point card, caused a large number of netizens guess. Some think the wrath of the wizard "is big in the world of warcraft's corner. With this, there are senior warcraft players think this is suicide propaganda, and who alone is bad, is looking for world of warcraft, it is not looking for abuse? But a lot of players also expressed a keen interest, players goodgood new differentnew different good game to try.

Analytic personage points out. The wrath of the wizard "is the most like the world of warcraft online.  advertising cannot deny it may be said is borrowing enough "world of warcraft" East wind. The latest in the state file test date index rushed up to 110000, become a recent magic kind of online search hot word, cannot leave the world of warcraft on its side to help.

But both whether in the story background, game system, etc, or in the game operate all exist obvious difference. After all, the wrath of the wizard "game background emerged from the same LAN game, this single game since 1997 listed, in Russia's sales volume has reached 1.2 million sets, have already formed mature game value system. Invite warcraft players to test game, may be more important in warcraft players of the game players high-end and senior characteristics.

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