World of warcraft official concert recall that a first touched
    World of warcraft official concert recall that a first touched
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Video Games Live concert in world of warcraft official on September 8, 2012 in late July 30 points, WuKeSong master card center in Beijing Grand opening. The familiar melody triggered the nearly world of warcraft players memory and resonance, this night will be doomed to no ordinary, these only belong to zeroth and every WOWER note in Beijing over the center of the master card echoed.

This Video Games Live world of warcraft official concert by Blizzard entertainment official first choice, VGL participate in production, the performance of Beijing co., LTD. This concert by strong game type lanugo desktop terminator B a special present, for from the alliance and horde players music tour escort.

The concert organizers also invited to the blizzard entertainment music director and chief composer Ressell Brower as the performance of the conductor, and of the world's most respected VGL music genius Laura Intravia and Martin Leung will serve as the performance of the singer, chief flute and piano solo, for the players with the most real game music festival.

This time, Video Games Live world of warcraft official concert scene unusually hot, the meeting in the melodious melody seems to let every audience has returned to 7 years ago, remember that a first touched. World of warcraft as an important elements, the field more than 10 first familiar melody of warcraft once again aroused warcraft players ever fighting in warcraft battle the intravenous drip memory, with melodious music, each WOWER is in the couldn't help but cry.

Laura Intravia and Martin Leung warcraft concert load bearing each player's memory of him and touched, although the concert is over, but to world of warcraft it is just the long journey of the new step. Small make up believe that those who once together witness "World of warcraft", once with world of warcraft common through seven years players, will resurrect the part belongs to our years memory, again took the battle-axe to return to zeroth, will continue with the burning Legion fight to the end.


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